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Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang Breaking Into The 6s at Mod Nats 2021

Mike Reich in his beautiful blue Twin Turbo S197 Mustang, A.K.A. SaySum, at Mod Nationals, South Georgia Motorsports Park, Adel Georgia, November 2021.

Mike entered the King of the 4V Pro class, which is the fastest cars of the event, running the full 1/4 mile.

This video ended up being like The Superbowl of Turbo Coyote Street Cars.

First pair in the video is Mike lined up with Travis Cheney in a nice Patina covered Fox Body. Both cars made a nice 7 second pass.

Next pair in the video he's lined up with a beautiful Turbo S197, piloted by Travis Akins. These were still qualifying rounds, and so they didn't leave at the same time, as Mike was focusing on the car for this one, not cutting a good light.

That being said, they both ran a nice low 7 second pass.

Next he was lined up with a beautiful GT500, and their pass to the 330 or so looked pretty close, but the GT500 let off, and Mike ran a personal best!

After that, Mike lined up with Brett LaSala of Real Street Performance, in his green twin turbo S197, A.K.A. Snot Rocket.

This side by side was a thing of beauty. You'll just have to see what happened in the video.

Then for the semi final round of King of the 4V Pro, Mike lined up with his Doppelganger. Oscar has a very similar looking blue S197, in a slightly darker shade of Navy blue.

This was a nice side by side run, and Mike edged out the win. Oscar had done a crazy wheelie with sparks flying earlier in the event, and so it was great to see him out during the Sunday eliminations.

King Of The 4V Pro Finals

For the final round, Mike ended up lined up with Keith Rhea in his Turbo Cobra A.K.A. WonderBread.

It was a tight race, and Mike actually got Keith with reaction time, but Keith ended up pulling him in, as they both crossed the finish line in under 7 seconds!

Check out the video:

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