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Quickest Stick Shift Car On The Planet! New World Record!!

Joel Steele of Stick Shift the world rocked the Stick Shift World in 2021 in his twin turbo S197 Mustang, setting the record for the quickest H-Pattern stick shift, running a 6.81 at 210.05 MPH banging gears!

I first saw his car out at Street Car Takeover, Bowling Green Kentucky. I had actually seen posts on Facebook that a Mustang with a manual transmission had gone 7.2 IIRC, and I couldn't wait to get there and see this thing.

It did not disappoint, running at least one low 7 second pass when I was there.

Here's one of them

I knew there were not many sub 8 second stick cars out there, and the number drops dramatically when you're talking about low 7 second passes, so this was really impressive, and even better in person.

Next time I saw them out was at FL2K 2021, Bradenton Florida. It was here that they broke into the 6s, and made some very respectable passes.

Then I saw Joel out 2 weekends in a row, first at Haltech World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic, Maryland International Raceway, the first weekend in November. This is where he set the record of 6.81, and also backed it up with another 6.81. He ran one of these passes lined up with none other than Joel Grannas of Grannas Racing in their Supra, who previously held the record.

Here is that pass and an in-car video where you can see Joel banging through the gears:

What a race!

Next outing where I saw them was at Mod Nationals, 2021, South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) in Adel, Georgia, which is pretty much all Mustangs and other Modular Motor powered cars & trucks.

He made some nice passes at SGMP. and ended up winning a class, and was gracious enough to take some time and answer a few questions I had about the car etc.

Here's a video with footage from all the aforementioned events through 2021:

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