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Quickest & Fastest Stick Shift Cars In The World

Here's a compilation of footage I've gotten over a couple years of numerous 1/4 mile passes from some of the quickest and fastest stick shift cars (and a truck) in the world.

Pictured here is Grubbworm, the 4th Gen Camaro driven by Jonathan Atkins of Tick Performance, powered by #LTJunk, and the Turbo 2JZ powered Grannas Supra, driven by Joel Grannas.

Joel Grannas was the first stick shift car to run a 6 second pass, and Jonathan Atkins was the second car to do so.

Included in this video are numerous world record passes, along with a plethora of quick stick shift cars I've filmed at various events including Street Car Takeover, World Cup Finals, MITM Elite & FL2K.

Full video:

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