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Awesome Drag Racing! Hellcat Charger vs Hellcat Challenger, Trackhawk & Whipple F-150!

I enjoyed putting this compilation of drag races from the first Street Car Takeover of 2022, in Bradenton, Florida.

Every vehicle featured in these drag races was faster than the average car, truck or SUV for that matter (all 3 types of vehicles are featured here), but they were all pretty decent, closely matched drag races to boot!

This Dodge Charger Hellcat is very quick. First clip is a solo pass, and then the first match in this video was against a built Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

As you can see from this screenshot, they pretty much left together.

Next up was a well built Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk out of Sinister Performance, A.K.A. CamoHawk, which at the time was, and possibly still is the quickest Trackhawk in Canada.

Lastly, the Hellcat lines up with a Ford F-150, which was another great race, and this is not your average Hellcat.

Once again, you can see they pretty much left together, as the green lights are still lit up.

The F-150 has a Whipple Supercharger and runs the quickest time I've seen out of an F-150 in person!

Here's the video:

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